What started as a bit of fun has become a movement in positivity and love.

In 2009 at a time when Founder Jimi’s son Ryder was post-treatment and was declared cancer free they moved into a new home where it all started. Their new parking stall was number 33;  every time Jimi would pick up Ryder from daycare, drive home and park Ryder would stick his head around the back seat and shout "Daddy, Daddy, three, three". Every time Jimi would reply, "yes Ryder three, three!" Ryder would giggle and laugh and shout again, "but daddy 33, 33". To this day Jimi doesn’t know why he was so amused by the number but it was one of the last fun moments Jimi had with Ryder before he died.

Ryder on Jimi's ShouldersJPG

Jimi began using the number as a way to honour and remember his late son by placing it his teams' jersey but it quickly became so much more. It became a message of love, hope and inspiration, a message that no matter what, anything is possible - a message that together we can make change happen.

There were times when Jimi needed a pick-me-up and a 33 would suddenly present itself, making him smile. This would also happen to close family and friends.

it was a natural and obvious progression to continue with that number in my philanthropic efforts. Now it is a number that represents strength, love, belief & hope, principles that Foundation 33 uses in helping families with children affected by cancer.


"If the world's a veil of tears, Smile till rainbows span it."

- Lucy Larcom