Foundation 33 was created by founder Jimi Brockett, who is a self-titled Fundraising Activist.

Jimi’s philanthropic endeavours began in 2009 after his 5 year old son, Ryder Evans-Brockett, died from brain cancer.  This motivated him to give back to the community by raising much-needed funds for cancer research. Jimi has done most of his fundraising through the largest fundraising event in BC history, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation supporting cancer research. Jimi and his team, Riders for Ryders have raised over 2.4 million dollars to-date and are still going strong annually.

After completing 14 rides across Canada and the United States, Jimi has turned his focus towards reconnecting with his inner passion of giving back locally.  

From his experience in philanthropy, he knew he wanted to created a foundation that had a direct impact on families affected by cancer. He knew it was important for the foundation to be built on the principle of transparency, allowing all of the gracious supporters to follow the money they donate, step-by-step, to see exactly where every dollar goes and the people it helps along the way.

With the amazing support of his founding Board of Directors, he started Foundation 33 with the goal to 'make smiles happen'.

Jimi and Ryder

"Look back, and smile on perils past."

- Walter Scott