Foundation 33 is dedicated to helping local families with children that have been affected by cancer. The more smiles we make, the more positive energy we will create.



Foundation 33 was founded by me, Jimi Brockett, 6 years after losing my son Ryder to brain cancer. When Ryder was diagnosed in 2008, at 4 years old, the community really came together for us fundraising, putting on bake sales; strangers were even knocking on our door offering gifts and support. It was overwhelming and amazing and it really meant the world to us to be able to smile through this tough time.  When I look back at this journey, the most helpful moments for me were the breaks where we were able to have a laugh, share smiles with family or friends and take a break from the horrible reality of what Ryder was going through. From this experience I know how important it is and how great it feels to smile - even if when you are on a most difficult journey. I want to give back to the community in the same way the community was there for me and my family. I want to make smiles happen.

Foundation 33 is dedicated to helping families with children that have been affected by cancer. We want to help families smile again; if only for a day, an hour, a minute. We will earn smiles by surprising these families with micro-gifts that could be anything from free groceries to a new TV, a trip to an amusement park, or a trip to Mexico. Our goal is to take these families away from their journey with this devastating disease for a little while, one smile at a time.

Foundation 33 is a non-profit organization, incorporated in British Columbia, and is in the process of applying for charitable registration with the Canada Revenue Agency. We will take a new and unique approach, one of transparency that allows you, the donor, to follow the money you donate step-by-step ensuring you can see exactly where every dollar goes and the people it helps along the way. 





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